Don’t Bow Down!

The three Hebrew boys knew they were about to be thrown into the hot fiery furnace, but what was their response to this? WE WILL NOT BOW DOWN.  The devil probably whispered in their ears “GOD IS NOT WITH YOU” but their response was-WE WILL NOT BOW.  He told them “you are about to die, the fire is hot and it’s going to kill you, but still their response was WE WILL NOT BOW DOWN.  Why? Because they knew God was with them, they knew he would deliver them but even if he didn’t their minds were made up that they would not bow down to the king nor his threats.  They would not bow to fear.  They would not bow to man, they would not bow to anything or anyone other than GOD.  They trusted in the name of the Lord.  They knew God was going to see them through.  They didn’t have to know how, they just believed that he would.  They trusted God and because of this they would not bow down to man.  This must be our response when the enemy tries to make us bow to fear, to depression, to anger or worry-let him know I WILL NOT BOW DOWN.   When he tries to make you give up-I WILL NOT BOW.  When he tells you, you’re not going to make it-I WILL NOT BOW.  When he tells you, God is not with you-I STILL WILL NOT BOW DOWN.   I will not give up, I will not give in, I will not stop believing, I will not bow down because I KNOW God is going to step in and deliver me but even if he doesn’t I STILL WILL NOT BOW DOWN.  Just like the Hebrew boys stood their ground and did not bow, you stand your ground too and DO NOT BOW.  If you are in a spiritual, physical or mental battle the only way to win, is to not BOW DOWN to your situation.  Jesus Christ is Lord over your problems, he is Lord over your situation and he is Lord over your life.  If even the winds and the waves have to obey him, then surely your problems do to.  “I WILL NOT BOW DOWN”.

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Denise Davis

Child of God, Wife, Mother of two beautiful daughters, Registered Nurse, Blog Writer, in a nutshell that’s who I am. I hope you enjoy my blogs! God bless and thanks for visiting!!


  1. Shalissa | 17th Mar 18

    Love your writing..i emailed you on Instagram lol..dont know if you got it. Your writing encourages me. Im asking God to help me in so many areas of my my life and through out nursing school. I NEED to have more faith and believe. Asking for prayers.

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