JESUS DID IT! Ask Gary French

By on July 20, 2015

Gary French shares his story how he was on a road to destruction, until Jesus came into his life and saved him!

It’s a very long story, but I will make it a short version.  I was such an alcoholic and had so many DWI’s that I was put on the medication Antabuse before I was 21 years old.  After I got off of the court ordered medication my life really begin to spin out of control.  I was in a car wreck, that I should not have  survived.  Another time I was stabbed in the chest by a cooking fork that bent my ribs (the LORD stopped it from penetrating my rib cage and killing me), I had several bar fights, one in particular was a gun fight where I stood up and the bullets never hit me.  I could go on, but to fast forward, I was shot in my yard at my front door.  I was shot in the back (The bullet traveled through my under arm) and I was shot in the chest (The bullet bounced off my ribs).  My daughter called 911 and when help arrived they said I was not going to live.  I woke up in the hospital several days later and refused treatment.  I went home to recover, there is a lot more but to sum it up I developed PTSD and that’s when life really begin to spin out of control.  I turned to drugs and alcohol.  I was so hopeless, I tried suicide several times and was in and out of hospitals UNTIL the LORD saved my life.  I lived in so much fear. I drove about 900 miles just to talk to a family member whom I trusted (The fear was so great that I did not trust anyone in my State).  They asked me to go back home, because they could not take care of me.  I was sober and clean at this time, but I had been awake for several days and I cried out to the LORD and he took over at that time.   I didn’t realize it until I was driving home and was talking to my brother and that’s when I heard the LORD’s voice.   I drove back to Arkansas to my brother house, where I was talking to the LORD and praying to die. I asked him “why did he keep saving my life?”   The LORD told me that he was saving me from hell.  I shared this with my brother and of course he took me to a mental health clinic.  My psychiatrist and counselors put me on medication for this, but the LORD led me to church at the same time.   I started Bible study and guess what was the first book of the Bible that I studied.   It was ROMANS. When I started reading, I truly didn’t understand a lot.   Until I read ROMANS 10:13, that’s when the LORD open my eyes to what happened when I was up north, when I cried out to the LORD.  He told me his word can never be broken “WHOMSOEVER SHALL CALL OUT IN THE NAME OF THE LORD SHALL BE SAVED……. that’s when I was SAVED.  I started learning more about JESUS and how I am to confess my sin and declare that JESUS was the son of GOD.  I learned how Jesus had been resurrected from the dead, and I believed that in my heart.  I’ve been learning more about the LORD and have been in church and counseling for 4 years now.   I’m not suffering from PTSD anymore and I take very little medication. The LORD has been slowly teaching me to where I can understand what has happened to me.  I’m still learning, I could go on and on but I’m really not too good at telling everything, especially writing about it.  However, I thank the LORD daily for saving me.

Gary French

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  1. Tammy

    July 24, 2015 at 11:21 am

    Thank you for sharing. Jesus is so wonderful!

  2. Anonymous

    July 22, 2015 at 6:09 am

    Praise the Lord!!!!

  3. Samantha

    July 21, 2015 at 11:56 am

    It is amazing how much the Lord can do in ones life if you allow his presence to be known and let him in. I’m so proud of you!!!

  4. John Rixse

    July 20, 2015 at 11:16 pm

    I am so happy for you Gary as we used to run together when we were you and have been able to be friends still you have been through so much but the lord has a plan for you and I for one am glad that you survived it all to find the peace and joy that was waiting all along

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