Jesus Did It!!



Jesus is still healing, delivering and blessing lives today.  He is still making the impossible, possible.  He is still turning lives around and mending broken hearts. Jesus is king of kings and lord of lords and he lives, reigns and rules for ever more.

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LaTasha Davis 09/01/2015-LaTasha needed God to bless her with transportation. Read her story how Jesus met the need.

Justina Luther 08/12/2015-At birth she faced many obstacles, but Jesus intervened and now she shares her story.

Sheila Freeman 08/04/2015-Read her story how she found peace and comfort after losing her mother

Angela Hayward 08/03/2015-Read her story how Jesus delivered her from drug addiction

Wanda L. Brown 07/28/2015-Jesus blessed her to get her book published

Shannon Gleaton Sheppard 07/22/2015-Jesus restored that which was lost.

Gary French 07/20/2015- Read how Jesus delivered him off of a road to destruction.

Leslie Sue Holtzclaw 07/17/2015-Read how Jesus met her needs to pay off a $2200.00 electrical bill

Arthur Brown 07/16/2015-read about how Jesus spared his life.