12 Motivational Quotes To Lift You Up.

Motivational Quotes serves as a reminder that things are going to get better. What you are facing today will not last forever although it may feel like it. These 12 motivational quotes serve as a reminder that God is with you and that he will help you through whatever it is you are facing.

It’s Not Over!

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God's Spirit is inside of you and He knows exactly how to build and rebuild. He knows exactly how to open and close doors. Click To Tweet

Give It To God!

Motivational Quote 2
When God takes control of it, it has no other choice but to work out! Click To Tweet

God Will Send The Right People Into Your Life!

Motivational Quote 3
God Knows exactly who needs to be in your life and he will bring them to you in his timing. Click To Tweet

We Rise!

Motivational Quote 4
God's Spirit is inside of you and He knows exactly how to build and rebuild. He knows exactly how to open and close doors. Click To Tweet

God Has Your Back!

Motivational Quote 5
No matter what the report is, remember that God has your back! Click To Tweet

God is With You!

Motivational Quotes to lift you up
Motivational Quote 6
If you are walking through the valley of the shadow of death, remember God is walking it with you and he will bring you out. Click To Tweet

God Will Not Fail You!

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Motivational Quote 7
Patiently keep waiting on God, because he will not fail you! Click To Tweet

There is An Appointed Time!

Motivational Quote 8
Just remember, there is a set time for your breakthrough to come. Don't give up! Click To Tweet

God’s Plan Still Stands!

Motivational Quote 9
You may have messed up, but that does not cancel the plan of God for your life! Click To Tweet

God Is Moving On Your Behalf!

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Motivational Quote 10
God is moving on behalf and ANYTHING that tries to come against you, GOD himself, will come against it. Click To Tweet

God Will Restore!

Motivational Quote 11
Don’t underestimate God's ability to help you. Don’t underestimate his willingness to restore. Click To Tweet

You’re Almost Out!

Motivational Quote 12
Everything you have been going through is almost behind you. Pray yourself through. Don't quit Click To Tweet
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  • That it is not God’s will for you to be down.
  • It’s not God’s plan for you to suffer.
  • It’s not his will for you to be emotionally drained, hurt and sad.

God has better things for you.  He promises to see you through.  He promises to bring you out.  He promises to be by your side.  Regardless of how it may seem, you are not alone.

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