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Would God Let A Person Who was Morally Good Go To Hell?

How many times have you heard someone at a funeral say “He was a good man, I know he is in heaven now”.  Or, maybe something like, “She did so much to help people out, she is in a better place now.”  If that person never…

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If God Exist, Why Does He Need Me?

This was the question asked by a young woman, who said she did not believe in God.  As I thought upon the question, the thought of how a husband and wife plans for their expectant child came to me.  They are well aware of the corruption, crime, disease and hatred…

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Why are Atheist so angry with God and Christians?

I’m asking this question, because I have had people who say they are atheist to verbally attack some of my posts.  They have cursed at me for posting about God. They have called me names and expressed their hatred for God.  My post didn’t say anything…

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