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Prayer for Healing | God’s Promises for your health

Prayer for Healing Prayer for Healing.  Today I pray for you.  I believe God is able to do the impossible.  I believe he is able to heal your body.  No matter what report you receive from the doctors, stand on God’s word.  Meditate on his promises and confess…

Don’t Bow Down!

The three Hebrew boys knew they were about to be thrown into the hot fiery furnace, but what was their response to this? WE WILL NOT BOW DOWN.  The devil probably whispered in their ears “GOD IS NOT WITH YOU” but their response was-WE WILL NOT BOW.  He told…

Don’t Stop Praying!

The second you begin to pray from your heart, is the same second God begins to move on your behalf. Let nothing stop you from praying. Hannah was unable to bear a child, but when she prayed God blessed her with a son. Peter was placed into prison, the church…

My Prayer For You

Heavenly Father,

Heavenly Father, I pray for every person who is reading this post. God, I pray that their faith would be renewed in you. Strengthen their heart’s not to let go of you. Give them the strength to stand. Give them the strength to hold on. When they feel low, pick them up. When they feel weak, God make them strong.

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You can not twist God's word to fit your situation and expect to be blessed. His word changes not. If God said it's wrong, then it's wrong. If He said to leave it alone, then leave it alone. If He says to separate yourself, then separate yourself, Don't let your fleshly desires get you into trouble that you won't be able to get yourself out of. That thing may look good or feel good or may be something you just feel you really want or need, but don't try to twist God's word just so you can keep it in your life. You've got to remember that God sees what's on the other side of it, and He knows it was only sent to destroy your soul. He's not trying to keep you away from it to punish you or to hurt you or to make you feel bad. It's only because He knows it's only meant to destroy you. Don't twist his word, Don't try to make it fit, Don't say I believe it's ok, when God said IT IS NOT...LEAVE IT ALONE!. He knows what's on the other side of it and He's only trying to protect your soul.
Denise Davis