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Category: Prayer

A Prayer For God’s Favor Upon Your Life

A prayer for God’s favor upon your life will change things in your life when you stand in agreement with God’s word. God blesses his children with favor but we must activate this favor by believing God’s word and walking in accordance to it…

Prayer For Strength For a Friend

Prayer For Strength For a Friend Prayer for strength for a friend.  Who will stand in the gap for your friend? Who will take the time out to really pray for him or her.  God loves it when we intercede for our friends, family and loved ones, and yes even…

Prayer for Healing | God’s Promises for your health

Prayer for Healing Prayer for Healing.  Today I pray for you.  I believe God is able to do the impossible.  I believe he is able to heal your body.  No matter what report you receive from the doctors, stand on God’s word.  Meditate on his promises and confess…

My Prayer For You

Heavenly Father,

Heavenly Father, I pray for every person who is reading this post. God, I pray that their faith would be renewed in you. Strengthen their heart’s not to let go of you. Give them the strength to stand. Give them the strength to hold on. When they feel low, pick them up. When they feel weak, God make them strong.