Daily Devotional | Do You Believe God Will Do It For You AGAIN?

There are times when things have gone wrong for so long that the thought “I MUST BE CURSE!” comes to the mind.  Especially, when you are doing all you know to do. You pay tithes. You go to church. You treat people right. You pray, you read, you seek God and yet everything still seems to be going wrong!  Things still seems to be falling apart.  The pressure of life will sometimes take you to a place where you just want to cry out GOD, WHAT DID I DO TO MAKE ALL OF THIS HAPPEN?

 It feels like God is punishing you for some unknown reason and your mind becomes bombarded with thoughts that weigh you down even more- “I don’t know if God is going to do it.”  “I feel like he’s not hearing me.” “What is he doing and why is it taking him so long?”  “I feel like I’m never going to come out.”  “I’m so tired of going through this!” “WHY GOD, ARE YOU NOT BLESSING ME!!!” 

We feel justified with our feelings and thoughts because we have been suffering and hurting and stressing for so long.  Yet, when we read in the bible about the groaning, crying and complaining of the children of Israel when they were in the wilderness, we look down on them and question their commitment to God.  I mean, they saw for themselves how God delivered them from the hands of Pharaoh.  They saw how God split the sea and allowed them to cross.  Their clothes nor their shoes gave out on them, because it was God who kept them.  When they needed food to eat, God delivered bread from heaven to them. God provided for them, God kept them, God protected them, and we wonder how is it that they so easily forgot God’s faithfulness to deliver and keep his people after all they had seen him do.  God had delivered them before, but they did not believe he would deliver them again. THEY FORGOT GOD! 

So, what does this show us?  It shows, that the children of God have a tendency to forget God’s faithfulness when they are faced with difficult situation.  We forget about the times that he made ways for us before.  We forget about how he delivered us before.  We forget how he brought us out before.  He blessed us with money to pay our bills before.  He picked us up before, he blessed us before; I mean, we even testified about it, went to church and danced and praised him for it.  But yet, as soon as we are faced with a new problem, we sometimes quickly forget his willingness to help us again.  We doubt his faithfulness.  Especially, if it seems like it is taking him too long.  It seems we should know that if he did it before, he will surely do it again.

You know, sometimes when we are on a website and the site is not loading right, we go to the top of the page and hit the refresh button.  In a spiritual sense, this is what we sometimes need to do.  When it seems like our soul is burdened down to the point that we forget God’s power and forget the things that he has done for us, we need a REFRESHING in our soul.  We need to be reminded of his power, we need to be reminded of his love, reminded of his word and his promises.  We need our souls to be refreshed in him, so that even if things don’t change right away, we will remember what he has done before and stand in confidence that he will do it again.  The wait may seem long, but we know GOD WILL DO IT AGAIN. 

I know you don’t want to lose anything, but if by chance you do, just remember you are serving the God who restores everything.  Anything that is taken from you, God will give back to you and HE WILL double it because you were faithful in proclaiming his faithfulness.  Don’t let what you are going through make you forget God.  Don’t let it make you forget the things he’s done for you. Don’t let it make you forget that God will deliver you again.  Don’t forget his goodness, don’t forget his faithfulness, don’t forget his willingness to help you. 

Some things are allowed to test what’s really in your soul.  Remember the teacher already knows the answer.  The test is only to show the student what he does or does not know.  God already knows, but he wants you to know what’s really inside of your soul.  Is it really in you to trust him?  Is it really in your soul to stand when everything is falling and going wrong? Is it really in you to believe that he will do it again and again and again! Is it really in you to wait on him, when the wait is long?  I know that you’re hurt, I know that your heart feels heavy, I know you feel weighted down, but God is going to do it for you AGAIN. It may feel like he has abandoned you or forgotten you, but he has not.  He did it before and he is going to do it again.

From my heart to yours I ask that you please share this message.  I know there is someone out there who needs to read it and please share a word of encouragement in the comment section below for others who may read this post.  God bless and Thank you!

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