Daily Devotional | Don’t Stop Praying!

The second you begin to pray from your heart, it is the same second God begins to move on your behalf. Let nothing stop you from praying.

Hannah was unable to bear a child, but when she prayed God blessed her with a son. Peter was placed into prison, the church prayed and God sent an angel to lead him out. God told Hezekiah that he was going to die, but when Hezekiah prayed and cried out to God, God increased his years to live. Daniel prayed, Moses prayed, Elisha prayed, all throughout the bible when people prayed, God made away, God open doors, God turned things around, miracles came forth-BECAUSE THEY PRAYED-inspite of what they were facing, inspite of what they were going through, they kept praying.

The bible says God changes not, if he answered Daniels prayer he will answer yours. He has no respect of person. So if what you are praying for does not happen today, keep praying. If it does not happen tomorrow or the next week, or even the next month do not give up on praying, keep believing. God is going to make away because he is that type of God. GOD IS FAITHFUL TO KEEP YOU, HE WILL PROTECT YOU AND KEEP YOU SAFE WHILE YOU’RE IN THE STORM-God is faithful.

It pleases him to bless his children. Let nothing make you doubt him. He WILL make away out of no way because all power is in his hands. God bless and please share this post!


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