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If you are a child of God, every single day of your life and every second of the hour, you are a student of the Holy Spirit.  You are being schooled every day.  You are being taught how to live for God while facing a spiritual battle.  Because this battle never ceases.  It never stops.  It never goes away.  It will go on until the dispensation of the fullness of the times when God’s work is complete. 

As a student it is so important that you do not quench or grieve the Spirit of God, because at any second a test may come.  At any moment an attack may come, and it is only God’s Holy Spirit who can accurately teach you how to go through it.  It is only God’s Spirit who can teach you how to stand the way God requires you to stand.  Only God’s Spirit can teach you the things God wants you to learn.  Every day you are a student.  Every day you are in a battle.

This is why the bible tells us to put on the whole Armor of God so that we will be able to stand against the wiles of the Devil (Ephesians 6:11).  So what is God telling us- He’s telling us that the Devil is out to trick us.  He’s out to play on our emotions, He’s out to destroy our faith, kill our joy and stop our obedience to God.  He does not care what or who he has to use to cause you to walk contrary to God words.  Because this is what the battle is all about- He does not want you to be a doer of God’s word.  He does not care if you go to church, he does not care if you confess you are a Christian, he does not even really care if you read the word, but he does not want you to apply the word.  The only way that he is DEFEATED is by the word of God and the only way that the word of God is activated is by hearing it, believing it and applying it to your life and your situations.  You can not walk in disobedience to God’s word and stand upon it at the same time.

It’s about making a choice to choose to do the things God’s word tells us to do, especially when our flesh is telling us to do something different.  As difficult as it may be sometimes, God’s word tells us to love.  Even those who has treated us wrong over and over, those who has painfully hurt us, those who for some reason, we just do not trust or like to be around. We’re commanded to love them.

 I’m going to be honest and say this is something I struggle with.  People can get on my nerves! and sometimes I have to cry out to God and ask him “How Lord!” How am I to bring myself to love them after what they did?  How do I treat them nice and act like nothing happened when my heart is aching or my flesh is now feeling like it’s in an uproar?  “How do I do this?”  In my flesh I feel like I do not want to love them,  in my flesh I feel like I could care less about them.  But God always places in my spirit that it’s a choice I have to make.  I have to choose to follow my flesh or to follow the Spirit of God, and if I chose to follows God’s word, and to follow his Spirit then I have to forgive and love, regardless of what my flesh is feeling.

Because it’s about being obedient to God, even when I don’t feel like it.  He is my Lord, He is my God, He is my master and if I truly love him I will be a doer of his word.  If I truly love him  I will obey him.  If I truly love him I will keep his word.  I have to treat that person right, because God’s word tells me to.  I can not go by my feelings, I have to go by God’s instructions because I defeat myself if I chose anything other than his word.

We are living in a time where so many people easily treat each other wrong.  People easily betray one another, and after dealing with so much stress and pressure, hurt and pain the seed of anger and bitterness begins to take root.  It’s not so easy to overlook what the person did to you, and the Devil will play it over and over in your mind.  He wants the anger to grow.  He wants the bitterness to spread.  He gets pleasure reminding you day in and day out the way someone did you wrong.  He wants you to be angry.  Why? Because the bible says Love is not easily angered (1 Corinthians 13:5).  The bible also tells us to be angry and sin not (Ephesians 4:26).  But the Devil knows if he can get you angry enough, you’re going to eventually make a bad move.  He knows if he can keep you thinking about it long enough, you will start planning retaliation.  He knows if he can keep the pain fresh, there is a good chance you will not forgive.

  He knows he can keep you from doing God’s word if he can just continue to keep you angry.  So what do you do?  How do you deal with the pain?  How do you deal with the anger?  You may be asking, So how do I show love towards the woman who messed around with my husband? She knew he was married, she knew I was his wife and she messed around with him anyway. How do I treat her with love?  How do I show compassion to the man who killed my child? How do I show kindness to the friend that betrayed me? How do I act friendly towards the person that lied on me?…uhm, I can avoid them, and I can deal with them not saying nothing to me and I not say nothing to them,  I might could even deal with saying hello and keep going about my way, but to treat them with kindness!! How do I find it within myself to do that? How do I act as if they have done nothing to me? How?  God knows this is a hard thing for us to do , He knows that we are flesh but this is why he has given us His Spirit to help us. 

On our own and in our own power He knows we can not handle this the right way.  That is why it is so important that every day we seek him for strength, every day we seek him for guidance, every day we seek him for his power. The bible say’s At that moment God’s Holy Spirit will tell you what to say (Luke 12:12), he will show you how to act. he will tell you what to do.  We never know when we are going to be faced to faced with our enemies, with those who have hurt us or with those who have done us wrong and unless we have had ourselves built up in the Spirit we are going to react according to the flesh.  The Holy Spirit is our Guide, he is our strength, he is our helper and EVERY DAY we need to rely on him to walk in love, because it is impossible to do it in the flesh.  It’s only by his power that we will be able to do this God’s way.

Don’t get caught with your guards down because at any moment the Devil may try you.  Keep this Book of the Law always on your lips; meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do everything written in it. Then you will be prosperous and successful (Joshua 1:8).  We can take confidence in knowing that the battle belongs to the Lord, the only thing God ask of us is to keep the faith and to be obedient to him.  As long as we are abiding in this, we can stand in full assurance that God will help us, he will deliver us, he will comfort us and he will give us the strength to stand.  Hold fast to your faith.  Continue to be obedient and God will always see you through.

Heavenly Father, I pray for those who are in a spiritual battle right now.  Those who have been wounded,  those who feel weak, those who feel alone Help them now Lord.  By your power and by your might strengthen them to stand.  Help them to keep the faith.  Help them to be obedient to you God.  I pray that you would come against every bad and painful memory.  I pray that you would send healing to the mind and to the heart.  Speak to them God, Let them know you are with them, let them know you understand and let them know they can make it.  Comfort their hearts, send peace their way and see them through this.  You are our help, our strength, our shield.  We look to you and you only.  We reverence you and we worship you.  In Jesus name we pray, Amen.

From my heart to yours I ask that you please share this message.  I know there is someone out there who needs to read it and please share a word of encouragement in the comment section below for other who read this post.  God bless and Thank you!

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