Daily Devotional | The Proof In Our Love

If you are trying to walk in love towards difficult people, don’t be thrown off track if inside your heart you are feeling frustration or anger when dealing with the person.  Walking in love does not mean that you and the person are going to be lovey dovey with each other or all warm and cozy inside with each other.  But it does mean you are to do right by that person even though they may be getting on your last nerve.  Why? Because our love for God is measured by our interactions with other people and the love we display towards them. 

How can you say you are treating God right when you do not treat certain people right?  Our love towards people is our ONLY PROOF that our love for God IS REAL.  Not your praise, not your singing, not your dancing, not your giving, only your love for others-IS THE REAL PROOF.  So, if inside you are struggling with dislike, anger or frustration just remember these are only emotions and you do not have to let them control your conduct.  It is not the emotion or feeling that matters it is ONLY your actions or your response to the person that matters. 

The devil will try to make you think that you are not walking in love because you have these feeling inside.  But love is not a feeling it is an action that God expects you to carry out and that action is to do right by the person.  You don’t have to cuss them out, you don’t have to tell them like it is, you don’t have to make it known how you feel…take control of these emotions. God wants you to do what’s right and then leave the rest to Him.  By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another (John 13:35). God bless and please share!

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