Don’t Let Distractions Cause You To Miss Your Blessing!

People often wonder “why didn’t God help me?” “why didn’t God answer me?” ”Where was God when I needed him?” Often the answer to these questions is that we allowed ourselves to become distracted.

Some may say, No not me…”I prayed”, “I sought after God”, “I did what I was suppose to do” and nothing changed. Well then I would like to ask the questions what made you stop praying? What made you stop seeking God? What made you stop doing what you were supposed to do? Could it be it was because you saw no results taking place, in other words you were distracted by what was not happening.

Blessings, faith, and answers are often missed because of distractions. You start out strong and mighty. Your mind is made up that I’m going to wait on God until my change come. But then you realize time is moving on and it seems like nothing still is happening. In fact, it seems like things are getting worse and the small thought “maybe this is not God’s will for me” or “maybe God is not with me” creeps in.

Once the first distraction takes root, it causes you to take your eyes off of the Lord God Almighty that you are waiting on and instead place your eyes on the situation which seems all so wrong. The more you look at it the more it grows until it now seems bigger than God.

Don’t be fooled, a distraction does not always have to be a problem or a situation that seems to be getting worse. Sometimes it can be a situation that seems all so right. “I know he’s not saved but I believe he really loves me”, “I know this job is going to keep me from church but I’ll now be able to pay all of my bills” or maybe it’s “I know I shouldn’t be hanging around those old friends but I’m tired of being by myself”. These distractions are going to cause you to miss out on the things God has for you and leave you asking yourself why didn’t God help me? God was helping you, but you became distracted before it became manifested.

Let’s look at the book of Matthew the fourteenth chapter. We find the disciples in a ship that was caught in a storm. They see Jesus walking on water towards them. Peter yells out Lord if this is you let me walk on the water and come to you. He receives the answer “come”. Now let’s focus on the 30th verse. But when he (Peter) SAW the wind boisterous, he was afraid: and beginning to sink, he cried, saying Lord save me. The 29th verse tells us that Peter actually walked on the water until he began to look at the boisterous winds and waves. His eyes were taken off of Jesus, he became afraid and then started to sink. Peter became distracted with what was going on around him instead of continuously focusing on Jesus.

It’s only when you truly come to trust God that you will be able to overcome distractions. However many of us never take the time to learn how to trust God. We see him as a genie in the bottle that’s supposed to grant us our every desire. We must learn how to develop faith in the bible and come to know him as the God who is there. The question should not be how can I trust God but rather a strong acclamation-it’s God I Trust! No matter what I see, hear or feel I will trust God. What blessings are in stored for the person that comes to the place of fully trusting God.

The storms of life will surely come but let me ask another question-Who is God to you? Is he a god who runs from problems or does he hide himself because he doubts himself? Is he a God that does not know how to help you or maybe your situation took him by surprise and he must now figure out what to do. Of course not, remind yourself that there is nothing impossible with God and no good thing will he withhold from you.

We can’t afford to get distracted, but if we do remember this-God’s mercy endureth forever. God gladly waits to put you back on the right path. God wants to bless you, he wants to help you, he wants to heal you and he longs to answer you. God has so much in stored for you. So don’t let distractions cause you to miss out on the things God has just for you.

From my heart to yours, I ask that you please share this message. I know there is someone out there who needs to read it.  Thanks in advance!

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