It Is So!

Trusting God is one of the greatest ways to honor him. It’s easy to say I’m trusting God when everything is going well. When no one in the family is sick and there’s money in the house to pay the bills. When the relationship is working out and the future is looking bright. But will you still trust him when everything around you is falling apart, when it seems that everything is coming unhinged, when you don’t know how in the world you are going to pay your bills. Will you still trust him when you don’t hear his voice, you don’t feel his presence and it seems that your prayers aren’t getting through-are you still trusting him?

The man/woman who trust God is not looking at what’s taking place in the physical, but their eyes are focused on the spiritual. There is a steadfast trust in the power that is in his word. When God said let there be light, there was light. When he said separate the waters beneath from the waters above, the waters were separated. When God said, “Let the water under the sky be gathered to one place, and let dry ground appear.” The bible says, And it was so. There is power and authority in God’s word.

Whenever God speaks it has to happen and he has already spoken into your life and IT SHALL BE MANIFESTED if you do not doubt him. From this point on let your only response to his word be “IT IS SO”. If he promised it, it is so. If he said it, It is so. If you read it in his word, then it is so. Regardless of what the devil may tell you or try to get you to think, Regardless of what you may see or how you may feel. If God said it, it’s so. God bless! and please share.

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Denise Davis

Child of God, Wife, Mother of two beautiful daughters, Registered Nurse, Blog Writer, in a nutshell that’s who I am. I hope you enjoy my blogs! God bless and thanks for visiting!!

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