Jesus is The Way, The Truth & Life

Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” (John 14:4)

This answer that Jesus gives to His disciples, particularly doubting Thomas, is very interesting as in essence He declares that He is the answer. This is truth that we need Jesus, it’s just unfortunate that some of us will not acknowledge that fact.  If indeed we were made by Him, and for Him, then a life independent of Him is no life at all.  Jesus cites three things in His declaration: way, truth and life. These three encompasses the entirety of our existence. He makes a way when there is no way; He establishes truth that cannot be denied, questioned, challenged or altered; and in Him we live, move, breath and have our being.  Life gets overwhelming sometimes, as I am sure you will agree. There is trouble at home, trouble at school, trouble at work, trouble in our communities, and when trouble hits we need a refuge.  A place where we know we will be safe.  Our only true refuge is in Jesus.

I thank Jesus for the body of Christ, believers that come together to worship God and to support each other.  I am sorry for Christians who believe they can make it by themselves and isolate or disconnect themselves from Church, when God’s word instructs us not to forsake the assembling of ourselves together (Hebrews 10:25).  We need each other, the world who is not saved needs us, and we all need Jesus.  Many are sick, thousands die each day, we have family members and friends who are not saved, and we are in desperate need of an answer. If we can be honest with ourselves, our very best efforts yield very little fruit. We try to save our own lives through Doctors and Medication, which is predominantly based on the systems of the world of making more money. We seek deliverance from demons through psychology. I have nothing against the medical world, but even the best Doctors admit today that while they can set a broken bone, they cannot heal it. While they can prescribe medicines, they can guarantee no satisfactory results. We need Jesus, and we cannot allow ourselves to be content without Him.

As we pray today, let us admit our dire need for Jesus. Let us pray for those who are not saved, and ask Jesus to help us overcome the hurdles of fear and selfishness so our lives can be an instrument of change and restoration in His hands for others. Let us acknowledge who Jesus is, and who we are in Him:“…in this world, we are like Jesus.” (1 John 4:17)  If we want to see a decrease in crime, drugs, and all other sin, then we need to introduce those who are lost to Jesus.  As he has said in his word, he is the way, he is the truth and he is the life. There is no other answer and there is no other way!  We may find a temporary answer or a temporary fix, but unless Jesus fixes it, it is not truly fixed.  Jesus is willing and he’s able to fix any problem and answer any questions, in his timing and his timing is always perfect and on time.

Father God, I pray that those who are reading this message will develop a boldness in them to tell the lost who Jesus is.  Give us the words to speak, take control of our mouths and move out all shame and fear.  Without you we can do nothing, now let your Holy Spirit lead us and guide us and bring your word back to our remembrance.  We love you and we thank you.  In Jesus name we pray, amen.

From my heart to yours I ask that you please share this message.  I know there is someone out there who needs to read it and please share a word of encouragement in the comment section below for other who read this post. .  I love you and God bless!

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Denise Davis

Child of God, Wife, Mother of two beautiful daughters, Registered Nurse, Blog Writer, in a nutshell that’s who I am. I hope you enjoy my blogs! God bless and thanks for visiting!!

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Wow. So perfectly stated, and with such understanding! God is surely using you as a beautiful instrument in His holy hands – it’s clear even from just this one post alone. Keep up the great work – HIS work! May He continue to bless you and so many others through you, always 🙂

denise davis

Thank you so much for the encouraging words! God bless you!!


love it!