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Prayer for Healing

Prayer for Healing.  Today I pray for you.  I believe God is able to do the impossible.  I believe he is able to heal your body.  No matter what report you receive from the doctors, stand on God’s word.  Meditate on his promises and confess them over you life.

Heavenly Father

In Jesus name I come to you.  Father you know the person who is reading this prayer right now.  I pray for them Father.  I pray that you would heal their body or the body of their loved ones.  I pray that you would intervene on their behalf and that you would heal and make them whole.  I pray that every organ would function to the perfection that you have created it to function.

By your power God, heal them.  Cause the wrong to be right.  Fix that which is broken.  Restore health and healing to their body and to their mind.  Father God they need you, only you can deliver them.  Only you can turn things around.  Only you can make things right.  Let your word work in their life and bring about change now.

Father be glorified in this sickness.  Let all see your mighty power.  Let all see your wondrous works.  Let them know that regardless of what the doctors say, you God, are in control.  You will heal, you will deliver, you will set free.  For you are our faithful God who keeps your word and promises.  As they wait on you, I pray that you would give them the strength to stand upon your word.  Help them to keep your word before their eyes.  Help them not to leave your word.  No matter how dark it gets, no matter how tired and weak the body becomes help them not to stray from your word.

When all seems dark and they don’t know what to do bring light to their situation.  God you are faithful, you are compassionate, and you are gracious.  We believe your word, we believe your promises and we trust you.  We thank you father for what you are going to do.  We thank you because it’s already done.  We praise your name and we lift you up.  In Jesus name we pray amen.

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