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Standing Up For God.

Someone referred to me as being a fake Christian for posting an article that I had written called “Why are the atheist angry with God and Christians”. She said that we are just supposed to show love and not say anything that will offend them.

She stated that perhaps they are angry because they have been hurt by people in the church.

My Response to this:

I understand that there are some people who have been hurt by other people in the church.  In fact, probably the majority of people have been hurt at one time or another by someone in the church.

If we all, were to turn away from God and turn against God and other Christians because we had been hurt, the church would be empty.

There are just too many Christian who want to hide behind the four walls of the church and not confront the work of the enemy.

Some Christians say “We just need to show them love” and I agree, we do need to show love to our enemies.

However, I believe God is also looking for believers who are not afraid to go into the enemy camp and declare that Jesus is Lord!

A bully chooses to pick on a person who will not stand up for themselves or fight back.

They will find someone who thinks “Well maybe if I’m nice and do what they tell me to do, the bully will leave me alone” or

“Maybe if I don’t say anything when they take my stuff, hit me, kick me, take my money, they will eventually stop.


The only way to face a bully (especially a spiritual bully) is to stand up to him!

Satan is the bully, and he uses the atheist to come into the body of Christ territory and say all sought of things about our God and about our brothers and sisters in Christ, in our faces and we just sit there and say “just be quiet, don’t do anything, show them love and maybe they will leave.”

God is not calling us to be wimps.

He is calling us to stand up for him and to speak the truth of his word.

In no way am I saying go out and become confrontational, or go curse someone out and definitely do not get physical. And, if God has not placed a word in your spirit then maybe it is best to keep quiet.

However, if you are confronted by someone who is going off saying God is not real or putting Christians down, and God places a word in your spirit to say, then say it.

The devil will try to make you think “I might offend them if I say what I am thinking and I don’t want to make them mad”.

So instead of speaking what God has placed in our hearts to say, we will sit back and say nothing because we are afraid of offending the devil.

Satan is not concerned about offending your God or offending the body of Christ, yet some of us are so saved that we don’t even want to offend the devil. WOW!

Speaking the truth does not mean you are not walking in love, it means you are simply standing up for your GOD!

i write 4 HIM Daily Devotional

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Hello again! As a former Christian I understand the sentiments you express about bullies. Just as all different walks of life have their aggressive people (the bullies), I invite you to consider that there are also people out there who just want to open a dialogue with people who have different ideas. Although I am an atheist, I can assure you that I am not an agent of Satan (or any other nefarious spirit for that matter). I understand that my views on the divine are diametrically opposed to yours. This can be a troubling thing. But even though we… Read more »

denise davis

The one I listen to is God. I do not have anything against you and I’m glad to see you following my post, However I will not compromise my beliefs in God, just because it may offend someone. If God speaks against something then I speak against it. If God speaks for it, then I speak for it.
God bless,