Why are Atheist so angry with God and Christians?

I’m asking this question, because I have had people who say they are atheist to verbally attack some of my posts.  They have cursed at me for posting about God. They have called me names and expressed their hatred for God.  My post didn’t say anything regarding atheism, so I wondered why were they attacking me and attacking God? Why would they try to fight with someone whom they say is not real?  Now that sounds insane to me.  Can you imagine me bashing the tooth fairy or attacking people who say she is real?  That’s what you would call cray-cray!

Christians are not angry with the atheist for not believing in God.  We understand that this is a spiritual matter and we know who our fight is really with. ( For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Ephesians 6:12). However, the atheist say that God is not real. Well if that is the case, (Which it is not) do they also get angry with Santa Clause or the children who believes he is real? Do they get angry with the Easter Bunny or people who believe in him?  No, they do not, because they know these characters are not real. Yet, they seem so angry with God whom they say do not exist. The fact that they are so angry with God and his people proves deep down they really do believe in Him. Why would you get upset over something that you do not believe to be true?

Just like God is real, Satan is real also and has deceived the minds of the Atheist. The atheists are doing exactly what Satan wants them to do, and that is not to believe that he is real nor that God is real.  They say that we are trying to force our beliefs on them.  Well if there is nothing to God, then they should just ignore us and go about their happy way.  The atheist say “I wouldn’t serve a God who allows so much suffering in the world.” However, God tells us in his word that there is going to be suffering and that there is going to be devastation. He never promised that everything was going to be perfect. They ask if God is real, then why does he not do something to help the poor, the hungry, the sick, Well God did. He created you and me and the atheist person. He did not create them to be an atheist, but he did created that person. Why did he create us, one reason is to help those that are less fortunate. There have been times that I have seen people asking for money on the sides of the street. Occasionally I’ll give my daughter a few dollars and tell her to go take it to the person. Now, suppose she said “I’m going to keep this money for myself.”  I gave her the money, I told her to go give it and I expected her to follow my  command.  I did not physically go give it myself, however, my daughter did because I told her to go help the person.  This is the same thing God is doing. He has blessed some of us to be more fortunate so that we could go and help those who are not. But instead we say I’m keeping my stuff for myself and my family.  Let God himself go help them. We rebel against God’s purpose and instead look out for only ourselves and then cry out “why don’t God help them!” Regardless of what the atheist may say about God or Christians I love them and pray for them.  I know sooner or later they are going to be placed in a situation where they have no one else to call on, but God. Right now they may say “No, I will never call on him!” But like I said, sooner or later we all face situations where no one but God can help us.  They will then find out that He is the true and living God. He loves them so much that he will answer them when they call him, he will forgive them and he will help them, in spite of the fact that they say He is not real.

From my heart to yours, I ask that you please share this message. I know there is someone out there who needs to read it.  Thanks in advance!

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  1. SjSchafer | 25th Aug 14

    I learned this lesson many, many years ago. My step-father has claimed to be Agnostic at some points in his life, and others, Atheist. He has had a hatred for God for a long time. When he is in the frame of mind that he isn’t sure, and there just might be a God, he is still defiant and angry, saying that he is going to hell, and doesn’t care. When my brother committed suicide, his Dad said he couldn’t believe in a God that would allow something like that to happen. He had such hate in his voice and eyes, suddenly I knew that he DID/does believe there is a God, he is just a bitter, angry man in rebellion against Him. He can say he doesn’t, but a person never rails against something they don’t think exists. For example: I never rail against Zeus for the things that happen in my life. In the end his anger brought tragedy to the whole family.

    • denise davis | 28th Aug 14

      I’m sorry to hear that his anger brought tragedy to the whole family. I pray that out of this good will still come for you and your family and that you each will find strength to trust the Lord even more. God will take what the devil meant for bad and turn it into something good. “You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives.” Genesis 50:20

  2. larryzb | 5th Aug 14

    The anger is there in atheists. I have dealt with it in the comments on my blog when I address atheism.

  3. athiest | 5th Aug 14

    well i have to disagree for you have to explain what god are you talking about first?
    The atheist is that there no god it the lack of believe in a god due to no proof..
    The funny this i find about religion is that you can find all the flaw in another religion but no faithless in the one your worships.
    Oh almost forgot.
    Chrisitianity isnt this loving religion you all want and claim it to be because most of you have even read the whole book
    Fact about the bible aka Jesus
    Hate women
    support slavery
    support the killing of woman, children and the unborn.
    Claim to love you yet refuse to demo he even exist then send you to hell..

    I not sure about everyone else this does sound like love to me

  4. jim | 4th Aug 14

    The word “GOD” in any language as we have come to learn, will always be in existence, “even if” humanity is wiped off the face of this planet. GOD knew “humanity can not survive” without oxygen, nutrition, moister, and even if, it’s artificially created through modern technology. World domination came at the beginning from Adam and Eve of one language till the fall of the temple Baal. This temple could also represent a rocket, a rocket GOD knew would kill humanity, if they were to reach space without the 3 main elements known for humanity to survive. From this temple also separated humanity in their own language and each language became its own culture. So! How did leadership began? How did one person “such as Pharaoh” become a leader? Why did religion separate our culture’s? Our world leaders have in common one world domination, one world religion, one world language, one world culture: ( Why? ) It’s not going to prove GOD doesn’t exists. Humanity will never survive in space till they learn to create a planet like our own planet Earth where we can roam without the use of space suits and artificial equipment. Science says there maybe other planets as ours but only through our modern technology that’s still unknown years away will humanity ever find out? Is humanity in slavery till such technology can be reached?? Has science become its own form of religion changing of natural elements both within our existences and the artificial recreation in order to perfect the human structure? Is it because of our Constitution we exist as Americans or of our laws by the 10 commandments that humanity lives?

  5. Justin | 3rd Aug 14

    Perhaps many atheists are not so much “mad at God” as they are “mad at religious systems that hurt people.” So if they’re angry, it could be because many devout religious folks have done awful things in the name of their faith or their God, for many centuries.

    Someone can preach about a loving God, but misrepresent his character in their teachings and/or actions — which actually sends people the wrong direction with their lives. That’s actually a very good reason for atheists to get mad about someone’s religious writings.

    Likewise, even if what you write is truth, it may not “line up” with how they’ve seen it practiced, which suggests a large-scale doublespeak/hypocrisy in the Christian faith. You yourself may or may not be guilty of doublespeak or hypocrisy, but people have still experienced it, and this damages their whole picture of faith in God.

    Jude verse 22 comes to mind: “And have mercy on those who doubt.” After all, people often have very good reasons for doubting…reasons which may actually be driven by compassion and honesty, as strange as that may seem.

  6. humanity777 | 3rd Aug 14

    Atheist’s are hosting demons, trying to deceive and disrupt. Plain and simple they are possessed. They hate what is God’s.

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