Words of Wisdom for the Soul

Words of Encouragement

Words of Encouragement to help you through those trying times in your life.  In each article you will find inspiration and motivation to help you move forward with God.  These inspirational messages will uplift you and give you a new perspective.  Life can get hard but God is still faithful to help you and to deliver you.  May your spirit be encouraged as you read these words of encouragement.


God Help Me!

words of encouragementGod sees the things you are facing, he knows what you’re going through, he knows that you are hurt, you’re tired and you’re almost ready to give up.  God sees and he knows all of this.  He understands that this storm that you are going through is wearing you out.    He knows that you are feeling indecisive to whether you should go left or right, up or down, move or stand still.  God knows. But what God wants you to know and be assured of is this, HE IS BY YOUR SIDE.  Read More…



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